Data Inconsistency Raises Questions About Global Warming Validity

For those of you that didn’t read the article below by Paul Homewood, it’s pretty straight forward. According to NOAA, one of the largest pieces of evidence in the global warming debate was South America, more specifically some of its southern countries. Homewood went on to show that the temperatures given by NOAA that showed an increase in temperature were inconsistent with the readings taken by the local weather stations in that region. The true readings, as shown by the local stations, actually showed a slight decrease in temperature over the past few decades.

In the past, many accusation have been made against the validity of global warming and some weaker evidence has even been brought forward that was quickly ignored and thrown under the rug. However, this time its’ different. This evidence leaves very little room for argument and deserves to be acknowledged and explained.

Whether this latest development proves to make waves as so many others have tried, it still raises an alarming question. Could a story this large that influenced the public in such a big way actually be fake? How could this happen? The answer. The public’s dependence on the media. It’s no secret that most Americans might watch the news and if they do they usually blindly accept whatever is said.

So if the news lies, who is really at fault. In reality, it is both parties responsibility. On one hand, the media should always be held accountable for what they report, whether they know the truth or not. On the other hand, if someone wishes to be informed on an issue and have a strong or valid opinion, they have to do more than watch the news. It’s important to fact check and further research something before you take a side in a debate as bold as global warming.

In conclusion, the mainstream media is a great source for information and news but it should never be solely relied upon. It is the public’s responsibility as informed individuals to take the time to look deeper into anything they wish to believe so strongly in. If this were the case, perhaps more people would be discovering things as influential as Paul Homewood has.


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