Are Drones Taking Over? or Do Companies Know Their Limits?

As stated in the previously posted video from ABC News, an advertisement firm in the Las Angeles areas had been using drones to pinpoint peoples exact locations using their cell phones. Despite their claim that this was only an experiment, the public’s feelings are clear; they are frightened and outraged.

This situation raises the question, Are these people rightfully angry? In my opinion, the peoples’ hate for unmanned drones generally comes from fear. One of the people in the report was even asking what these drones would want to track next? In actuality, however, what this ad firm did was completely in the bounds of the law. It is the public’s responsibility to understand what privacy they are giving up whenever they use any electronics. Every mobile phone gives off a signal that can easily be used to find someone’s location. When you buy a phone and activate it, you are releasing that information and it is not up to you how that is used.

Along with this, this LA firm did not use the information for anything other than an experiment and were awaiting approval from the FAA before using it any other way. There is a fine line between what should stay private, and what information we unknowingly give up. The commercial sector will do anything to get as close to that line as possible and as they approach it, people become more and more uncomfortable. It is the responsibility of any consumer to understand what they are truly giving up with any purchase and therefor, they do not have the right to be upset about something just because they are fearful.


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