Snapchat Takes a Stand Against Childhood Ignorance

The other I received a notification on my phone that the app Snapchat had just been updated. I eagerly opened it hoping for a new filter or feature, but instead I found something much better.

The mobile app, Snapchat, recently added a new section entitled “Discover.” This section contains an array of logos of different media sources. When the user taps a logo, they can swipe through several short videos depicting current events and stories with the option to swipe down and read more thoroughly into an article about it.

I found the feat to be quite admirable. It is no secret that a majority of young adults and teens are more than underexposed to the news and until now, there hasn’t been a real outlet to current events besides watching the news for directly searching for it on the internet. As far as I know, this is first attempt by any social media to supply this type of service for our demographic.

Of course, the feature is still extremely new and the users’ response is still unknown. It is my hope that over time things like this could begin to give world events a  more prominent place in pop culture. I personally found it easy to use and have caught myself on multiple occasions checking it out when I was bored. In fact, I even used an article I found on the yahoo news section for this blog.

Up until this point, the media’s attempts to bring serious news to children have more or less failed, but with this new feature, there is still hope for a more educated and informed American youth.


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